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Saturday, 25 April 2015

3. FUTURE IMPERATIVE - PART 2/3 - To Christians With Love

Before concluding this discussion, we must deal here with the issue of Anti-Semitism”. All attempts to criticize the Jews as the root cause of most of the troubles being faced by Christians and Muslims are, as a matter of routine, rejected and brushed aside as nothing more than signs of an irrational hatred of the Jews. In this context, we want to make the following point very clear
Muslims have no malice against any particular race.   
We do not want to destroy any particular nation or the adherents of any particular religion. 
All we wish to do is to exterminate the menace of exploitation
We believe that greed, corruption, and immorality are spiritual diseases, irrespective of where they are found.   
Our struggle is against the illnesses, not against the sick.

Moreover, there is a world of difference between the animosity and dislike which results from prejudice and lack of knowledge, and the animosity and dislike which ensues from understanding and experience.  Jews have been hated through most of their history; is it logical to believe that this long-standing and almost universal hatred was, and is, without any reasonable cause whatsoever? Isn’t it good advice that the Jews, instead of continuing to blame some mysterious “Anti-Semitism”, should carefully examine their own history and attitude in order to find the reason for their universal unpopularity”?

Maryam Jameela, a former Jew, has explained the whole phenomenon as follows:

A   people   who   insist   against   all   objective evidence  to  the  contrary  in  regarding themselves as the Chosen People of God, who consider themselves innately superior [over] all other peoples; who owe their loyalty primarily to each other and never to the country of their birth;  and  who,  while  they  may  practice  the most exemplary morality among themselves, feel no  such  obligations to  the  despised  illiterate Gentiles” and do their best to corrupt others though their stranglehold over the liquor business, usury, etc., and, while they fervently maintain that Judaism is the only true faith, rigorously  exclude  outsiders… How can such conceit, pride and exclusiveness not fail to arouse against them the bitterest hatred? On top of all that, there is the exceptional intelligence, cleverness and ability of the Jews to snatch the first opportunity to attain the maximum power and wealth at the expense of others which makes them feared as well as hated. They have never outgrown their tribal mentality.  According to this outlook, a man owes his loyalty only to his tribe and clan. All non-members of the tribe are outcasts and he is not held responsible or accountable for his conduct towards them. Within the tribe, his character and behavior may appear most exemplary but once outside the tribe, he can turn to piracy, robbery and murder without suffering from the least qualms of conscience. (Islam Versus Ahl al-kitab: Past and Present; p.192, 193)

Saturday, 18 April 2015

3. FUTURE IMPERATIVE - PART 1/3 - To Christians With Love


It is really tragic how the Christians are being manipulated by the Jews and how the former are unable to distinguish between their real friends and foes. The European and American Christians are thoroughly brainwashed by the media, which itself is dominated by you-know-who, into believing that Islam and Muslims are their adversaries. The truth of the matter, however, is that the Jews are simply taking advantage of the Christians to further   their   own   interests.   The   Christians   need   to recognize that they and the Muslims have a common enemy, and that the right thing to do at this stage is to cooperate with the Muslims in order to deal with the actual exploiters.

The   last   book   in   the   New   Testament,   the Revelations of John, clearly depicts the actual face of these exploiters, as follows:

I saw a woman wounted on a searlet beast which was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns… I saw a woman mounted on a searlet beast which was covered   with   blasphemous names   and   had seven heads and ten horns… I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of God’s people, and with the blood of those who had borne their testimony to Jesus (Revelations 17:3,6-8)

This exploitation is on a global scale; however, in our own country, we have another menace to deal with. Non-Muslim minorities enjoy a constitutional protection in Pakistan, but this does not stop some of them from conspiring against their homeland.  We would like to caution the local Christians that they must guard against being manipulated, especially with reference to the Blasphemy Law. Pakistani Christians are being cleverly pushed into a totally unnecessary confrontation with the Muslims by a sort of indigenous Zionism”, that is, by some of the Qadianis. The Christians must recognize that the beliefs of the Qadiyani community are much closer to the beliefs of the Jews than to those of either the Muslims or the Christians.

Qadiyanis believe that Prophet Jesus had a human father, that he escaped from Palestine and later died somewhere in Kashmir, that he was not raised alive by Almighty God, and hence there is no point of any second coming.   They   also   believe   that   their prophet”, Mr. Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (1839-1908), was the Promised Messiah.

It is for the Pakistani Christians to decide as to which one of them is their natural friends and ally – the Qadianis or the Muslims?