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Saturday, 28 February 2015

To Christians With Love - EIGHTH PHASE

EIGHTH PHASE: So far the Jews have been using and manipulating the liberal “White Anglo Saxon Protestants” or WASP, whose main strongholds are the United States of America, Britain, and France, none of whom can dare go against the policies endorsed by the all-powerful Jewish lobbies.  

However, in the present century, we are also witnessing the slow acquiescence of the Catholic world to the ever-growing domination of Jewish and Zionist elements. Thus the Jews, who were supposed to be the bearer  of  the  collective  guilt  of  “crucifixion  of  Jesus Christ”, were exonerated of this two thousand years old charge  by  the  Second  Vatican  Council  in  1865.  Thus, instead of implicating the Jews in what they consider to be “deicide”, the Catholics have now accepted the idea that only the Jews of the time of Jesus are to be blamed for his “death”, repudiating the concept of collective responsibility of the Jews. Others usually believe that it was the Roman Governor and the Roman soldiers who were actually responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. Moreover, the government of Vatican Has officially recognized the state of Israel, and the former has officially recognized the state of Israel, and the former has established its embassy in Tel Aviv. Vatican has also withdrawn its demand of international  control  over  Jerusalem,  and  is  now  asking only  for  international  guarantees  for  access  to  the  holy sites.  The hold of the Jews over their unsuspecting Christian victims has thus reached its logical climax.

 We are living in the eighth phase of the interaction between the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims. The situation at the moment is that the unholy alliance between the Jews and the Christians      -- which, far from being symbiotic,   is   actually   more   akin   to   the   relationship between a parasite and its host     -- has turned into a movement for world domination, euphemistically called the New World Order”. In reality, it the Jews who are taking advantage of the strength and influence of the Christian West to gain control over the global affairs, and it must be admitted that they have already succeeded to a large extent.

The New World Order has, to all intents and purposes, already conquered the Arab world, and now the last   obstruction   against   its   nefarious   designs   is   the potential Islamic bloc of Iraq by cleverly trapping her in Kuwait and then smashing its military might in the Gulf war of 1991. Now, it is only our party of the world that can offer a substantial resistance to the gushing and rising floods of Jewish and Zionist hegemony.

The strategy of the New World Order at this time seems to be that of divide and conquer”. Thus, they are trying to isolate Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan from each other, thereby precluding the creation of any united bloc in this region: this is because such a bloc would have the potential to become strong enough to stand up against them. Therefore, they would try their best not to allow any of these three countries to become, or to remain for any considerable length of time, stable and powerful enough to become a possible threat. That is why we see the frantic and intense efforts to keep Pakistan from becoming a Nuclear Power, as well as the attempts to isolate Iran by means of an economic embargo. Moreover, both the continuing chaos and anarchy in Afghanistan and the ethnic   and   sectarian   violence   in   Pakistan      while admittedly indigenous in origin – are most certainly receiving their fuel from the agents and guardians of New World Order.

The   Influence   and   hold   of   the   small   Jewish minority over the policy-making process in the western world has been fully exposed by Paul Findlay, former American congressman, in his best-selling book. “They Dare to speak”.  He clearly demonstrates how powerful pro-Israel lobbies dominate American so that even the “Supreme Power on earth is unable to pursue its own interests in the Middle East. Twelve years after the first printing of his book, Mr. Findlay is still working hard to warn his fellow Americans regarding this most serious of all dangers to their country and to their sovereignty. Recently, he has uncovered the conspiracy to make Jerusalem and exclusive Jewish city, banishing both the Muslims as well as the Christians from the holy city.

However,   the   most   vehement   and   outspoken fighter in the war against Jewish and Zionist schemes is American economist and statesmen Lyndon H. Larouche, who is regarded as a controversial figure for his insistent campaign for global monetary reform based on equity for the Third  world  and  his  role  in  exposing  the powerful financial interests which control international drug trafficking. According to him, the United States of America moved away from the American System of Political Economy” when, in 1913, the authority for the issuance and control of currency and the control of credit was transferred   from   the   US   government   to   a   private corporation -- the Federal Reserve System   -- which is just another   name   for   a   group   of   international   financial bankers.   This   was   nothing   short   of   surrender   of sovereignty on the part of the American people.

Mr. LaRouche points out that, since the death of President John F. Kennedy, the USA has adopt a new set of axioms for policy making, which he calls the “Rock-Drug- Sex Counterculture”, and which was created by the cult of Aleister Crowley in Britain and then imported into the USA. The result has been that “the family values are out of the window A diminishing number of step-children, the number of children with single parents is rising catastrophically in the United States, and that is a big part of our cultural and social problems”.

Finally, Mr. LaRouche argues that the American nation is a constitutional democratic republic only on paper; in reality it has not been such a republic for approximately one hundred years. According to him, the policies of government, the selection of most leading candidate for federal office, and the majority of popular opinion is being regulated by “behind the scene committees” representing what is described as “the establishment”. You can neither start your election campaign without the permission of “the establishment”, nor can you succeed without its backing’ the latter will be provided to you only if you can prove that you can “sell” the policy which “the establishment” has decided to push at that time.

There is a growing awareness Among American citizens regarding the degree of control that is enjoyed by the Jews in their country. The extreme Right wing parties, sometimes called The Far Right”, are increasingly becoming more and more vocal in this regard. They describe the American federal government as “Zionist Occupational Government”, and are busy organizing militias and accumulating weapons in order to fight a civil war   against   the   federal   government.   The   Oklahoma bombing of Aril 95 was only a minor glimpse of what could happen in the future.

All this is making the Jewish lobby very nervous. In their desperation to curb all attempts to dislodge their hold in the American politico-economic set-up, they are even willing to sponsor the most anti Civil Liberties law in the US history. The imminent passage of the “Omnibus Anti- terrorism Act 1995”    -- under which the President of the United States of America will have the prerogative to declare any person or organization “terrorist” without due process of the law   -- is a clear sign of this desperation. This  act  has  already  been  passed  by  the  US  Senate, although the House of Representatives has yet to vote on it before it becomes a law. Even though a lot of amendments have been made to the bill passed by the Senate, it still retains most of the objectionable points. The bill makes a broad expansion in the power of federal law enforcement, without any provision for accountability.  If it becomes a law, the act would virtually strip the courts of any opportunity of correct law enforcement abuses resulting in unconstitutional incarceration.